Infectious Disease - PathoTrack™

Infection is a leading cause of morbidity worldwide and incurs huge economic costs for both patient diagnosis and hospitalisation. Traditional wet-lab culture techniques often do not recognise particular bacterial strains, such as the recently identified Campylobacter ureolyticus, nor do they incorporate the resulting host response.

We are currently developing a platform called PathoTrack™ which is designed to develop in silico techniques that can support rapid molecular diagnosis of infection. These techniques will be embedded in an efficient, easy-to-use, auditable, and secure way, from the beginning to the end of the diagnostic process.

Personalized Medicine - SAGE-CARE™

The ability to gain insights about individual patients by investigating genomic associations that might impact on their treatment and prognosis is at the core of vision for personalized medicine. However, to fully realise this vision it is necessary to link their phenotypic and genotypic data in an easy way.

NSilico is rising to the challenge by developing a platform (called SAGE-CARE™) which addresses health informatics in a holistic way by semantically interlinking disparate clinical care information sources, Electronic Health Records and associated genomic sequences, thereby allowing clinicians to make reasoned queries using natural language over vast knowledge bases of health and research data.

Metagenomics: MetaPlat™

In the recent years, the number of projects or studies producing very large quantities of sequencing data – analysing microbial communities’ make-up and their interactions with the environment – has increased. Yet, the depth of analysis done is very superficial and represents an inefficient use of available information and financial resources.

NSilico is developing a new mew module (called MetaPlat™) which will be integrated into its existing Simplicity™ platform and will enable the rapid analysis of large metagenomic datasets.