Data Analysis & Interpretation

Following the assembly, annotation, and analysis of raw genomic sequence data, data interpretation is often required. Our team of bioinformaticians are available to help provide answers to your challenging research questions. 

Our services include bespoke annotation, assignment of function and interpretation of data with reference to sample input type or user specifications. 
Interpretation of data may include filtering or correlation of mutations with known variants, expected inheritance pattern, variant type, allele frequency, genomic location list, gene ids or presence in various biological pathways in addition to assignment of function of variant based on bioinformatics tools.

Bespoke Bioinformatics Pipelines & Reports

We also work with clients with non-standard bioinformatics needs. For example, certain projects may involve processing a large amount of sequence data, and for these projects we offer bespoke pipelines and reports which are tailored to the specific requirement of the client. These projects are priced on a per-project basis. 

Bioinformatics Training Courses

We are also proud to offer an Introductory Bioinformatics Course led by two of our foremost bioinformaticians, and the developers of our Simplicity™ software. These courses are aimed at biologists and computer scientists wishing to get a good grounding in the domain of bioinformatics.