Simplicity-MDT™ is NSilico’s fully customisable Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) management software platform. Designed by clinical staff, for clinical staff, it enables effective patient management by facilitating discussion of significant clinical results and agreement on best possible treatment plans.

The core platform of Simplicity-MDT™ is built in compliance with HIPAA standards and ISO27001 information security management, thus ensuring secure, quick and easy data entry and interrogation.

The platform enables the easy addition of an unlimited number of bespoke modules which can be tailored to the needs of individual MDTs across all clinical conditions.

Simplicity-MDT™ delivers numerous benefits to all stakeholders:

No lesion mix-up
No repeat biopsies
Automatic flagging of patients for rediscussion
No patient missed
No patient mix-up
Clinical Teams
Clear streamlined process
All members of MDT looking at same patient data at same time
Facilitates clear consensus decision making
Outcomes for each meeting are automatically collated and audited
Easy interrogation of agreed actions
Trainee Doctors
Good teaching cases easily flagged
Good clinical trials/studies cases easily flagged
Easy retrospective interrogation of data
Hospital Management
Reduces exposure to litigation by de-risking day-to-day patient management
Facilitates easy & rapid identification of trends and helps to optimise utilisation of hospital resources
Eliminates needless repeat procedures (e.g biopsies etc.)
Facilitates optimal use of staff time